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New Course
Protect the world from cyber threats! Become a pentesting expert and keep your networks safe.
Transform your speech into digital action. Dive into natural language analysis and machine learning.
Turn massive amounts of data into solutions. Unlock the secrets of information using analytics.
Become an advocate for code quality. Your verification is the key to the stable operation of any application.
Strategy, planning, achievement. Turn ideas into successful IT projects.
The whole world is in your pocket. Develop Android apps with Kotlin.
Next generation web technologies. Development in PHP using Yii.
All aspects of development. Build end-to-end solutions in Java.
Server side of the future. Development on Node.js for high performance.
Technologies of the future today. Design and create robots.
Elegant apps for Apple. Development in Swift for iOS.
The flexibility and power of Python. Development from server to user interface.
Reliable solutions for the corporate sector. Development on .NET.
Aesthetics and functionality for new generation interfaces.
We will teach you how to create dynamic and colorful interfaces.
Strategies for online business. Digital Marketing Tools and Techniques.
Social Media Design
Visualization of your ideas. Graphic design in the age of social networks.
A bridge between cultures and technologies. Specialized English for the IT sector.
Научим созданию динамичных и красочных интерфейсов.
Веб-технологии следующего поколения. Разработка на PHP с использованием Yii.
Серверная сторона будущего. Разработка на Node.js для высокой производительности.
Надежные решения для корпоративного сектора. Разработка на .NET.
Целый мир в вашем кармане. Разрабатывайте приложения для Android с Kotlin.
Элегантные приложения для Apple. Разработка на Swift для iOS.
Преобразуйте вашу речь в цифровое действие. Погрузитесь в анализ естественного языка и машинное обучение.
Превращайте массивы данных в решения. Раскройте секреты информации с помощью аналитики.
Все аспекты разработки. Создавайте комплексные решения на Java.
Гибкость и мощь Python. Разработка от сервера до пользовательского интерфейса.
Продвинутый UX/UI
Эстетика и функциональность для интерфейсов нового поколения.
Social Media Design
Визуализация ваших идей. Графический дизайн в эпоху социальных сетей.
Защитите мир от киберугроз! Станьте экспертом в области пентестинга и обеспечьте безопасность сетей.
Станьте защитником качества программного кода. Ваша проверка — залог стабильной работы любых приложений.
Стратегия, планирование, достижение. Превращайте идеи в успешные IT-проекты.
Технологии будущего сегодня. Проектируйте и создавайте роботов.
Стратегии для онлайн-бизнеса. Инструменты и методы цифрового маркетинга.
Мост между культурами и технологиями. Специализированный английский для IT-сферы.
More than 50,000 students have been trained at Mohirdev
Mavluda Nurmonova
Jamoliddin Najmiddinov
Javokhir Toshqo'rg'onov
Jonibek Munirov
Malohat Obidova
Uktamov Qahramon
Shoxjahon Saidkarimov
Muhammadaziz Baxtiyorjonov
Nabiyev Otabek
Media articles about us
"Mohirdev is not just a platform, it is a beacon for young souls yearning for change. Together we create a future where everyone can change their lives through power
IT education"
Dr. Anvar Narzullaev
CEO Mohirdev
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What are Praktikum courses?
Praktikum courses, lasting from 3 to 9 months, are comprehensive programs aimed at preparing for a specific specialization. They provide the full scope of knowledge, which determines their duration.
In what form are the courses delivered?
The courses include video lessons and test assignments. For interaction between teachers and students, there are specialized groups on Telegram. Video lessons are available online on our platform.
Will I be able to find a job after studying?
At Praktikum courses you will receive all the key knowledge and skills for employment. However, successful employment also depends on your soft skills, such as communication and teamwork.
Can one course be used by different people?
Each course purchased is for use by one person only. Transfer or distribution of the course to others is prohibited.
Is it possible to pay for tuition in installments?
Yes, you can apply for installments for a period from 30 days to 12 months.